Living Colours specialises in excellent quality painting finishes.
We use only the highest grade premium Dulux paint (unless you specify something particular) as we know this gives the best possible result for our clients, both in terms of appearance and longevity.
An exceptional painting job is the result of four separate parts – careful preparation, expert application, quality paint products of the correct type for the surface and a clever colour selection.
Living Colours offers a Colour Consultancy Service to assist you in selecting the right types and colours of paint to ensure the final result is more than you expected.
Different types of paint give the results for different uses, surfaces and desired effects. We have produced an advice guide called Paint Explained by Living Colours if you would like to find out more about the various types of paint, or we can give you advice in person.
Good painting is also about good preparation. There is no point in having high quality paint without a careful and professional preparation including sanding, scraping, filling of ceilings, walls, woodwork and other surfaces, dust/wash surfaces etc.



Porter’s paint finishes
Porter’s Paint is a boutique paint supplier specialising in unique finishes & wallpaper. They recommend Living Colours as one of the painting companies in Melbourne capable of producing an excellent result with their products.
You can find more information at http://www.porterspaints.com/ or visit them at their stores at 319 High St Prahran (ph 9521 7818) or 167 Gertrude st Fitzroy (Ph 9486 9599).
Some of the most spectacular Porter’s finishes including faux effects such as suede, lime wash, etc.
To use these paints we recommend that the applicator be knowledgeable and experienced in their use. Living Colours painters have completed special Porter’s training courses.


Staining woodwork is a particular tricky task which requires much skill. If the first coat is not applied to perfection, the results are almost impossible to rectify. Living Colours has a selected few painters who are very experienced in staining and who specialise in the highest quality finish.
Staining involves application of one coat of the stain of choice (colour matching is extremely important) and several clear top coats. There are various application systems – ask us for more information about these and which would work for you.
Living Colours offer a professional staining service for ornamental woodwork such as doors, windows, panels, skirting boards, frames, garage doors etc.



Paperhanging & wallpaper removal
Wallpaper is now back in fashion and is available in an enormous variety of qualities, weights, widths and designs. Costs for the paper can vary from $50 to as much as $800 or more per roll.
Paperhanging requires skilled and careful application. Living Colours employs two specialists in paperhanging with over 30 years of experience each. Talk to us about your options in using wallpaper as a full room covering or a feature wall.
Applying wallpaper and paint is a tricky process and removing it’s the same. Living Colours offer a removal service at an hourly rate and understand how to remove old wallpaper or paint with minimal damage to the original surface



Colour consultancy
Living Colours have worked closely with independent colour consultants for many years and trust them to take care of our clientele.
In many cases, before commencement of you work we will be pleased to offer you a personal colour consultation courtesy of us*, and will arrange for an independent colour consultant to visit you at your premises to professionally assist you with the final choices of your colours.

* Available for quotes from $3,000.00.



Commercial & builders work
Working with several high end builders and architects means that we have become known in the industry as offering the meticulous finishes that minimalist or contemporary home designs require.
Our work has been published in the “inside” magazine as applied to work by renowned Architects Bochsler. You can read a testimonial by the architect here.
While we prefer to visit the premises as well as see plans, we can provide pricing in most cases from plans, especially with large homes or for builders.
We are able to effortlessly coordinate even the most complicated painting project including other trades and scaffolding as needed.
Recommendations for prominent builders, architects, interior designers and property agents are available upon request.