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Jan Persson brings over 40 years of experience to his family company, Living Colours Painting & Paperhanging. He is the former President of the Master Painters Association.

Jan was trained in Sweden in the traditional European style of painting and paperhanging, where he developed a deep sense of pride in a job expertly done and in delighting his customer.

After immigrating to Australia, Jan founded Living Colours in the 1980’s with a vision of bringing the high calibre work standards he was used to into the country. He quickly gained a reputation in the higher end of the market for expert advice and impeccable service and built his business largely by referrals alone.
In hiring his core team of painters, Jan sought the best qualified painters in the industry who had the same high level of knowledge as him and could, in his words “be able to advise a customer about any aspect of the work as expertly as me.” He also insisted on strict attention to detail and to quality preparations resulting in a superior job.
Through regular team meetings and training, these sorts of painters find an environment at Living Colours that is rare within the trades sector. In return, they reflect the Living Colours commitment to care, quality and workmanship in all parts of the job – to clients and/or foreman, colleagues and management.
Much of the work Living Colours now specialises in is referred from professional architects, builders and interior designers seeking that little bit above a standard painting or paperhanging job.

At Living Colours Painting & Paperhanging we are confident that the peace of mind gained by using a reputable company far outweighs any small cost savings you might find. However should you wish to shop around we have prepared a checklist below to help you protect your home and ensure you are comparing ‘apples to apples.’

Check that any companies you deal with are willing to stand by their work. For example, Living Colours offer a 200% guarantee on our work. If you are not happy on completion we will redo the work (at our expense) to your satisfaction. Should you still not be satisfied that the work has been done as quoted, then we will pay one of our competitors to redo it for you.

Most manufacturers have 3 tiers of paint quality, a budget, standard and premium range. Make sure any other company you consider specifies premium paint from a well known brand in their quotation Living Colours only uses the Dulux Premium Range unless specified.

Ensure that you read the specifics of the quotation carefully and that you are comparing ‘apples for apples’ in areas such as coats, professional preparation, quality of paint, etc.

Be wary as a cheaper price may reflect shortcuts, substandard preparation or workmanship or inferior materials, or may mean that the company does not pay certain overheads such as insurances.

Is the company affiliated with credible industry bodies? Living Colours is a member of the Master Painters Association (in fact we sit on the board) and Dulux Accredited.

Does the company offer a guarantee on workmanship? Living Colours guarantees their workmanship for at least 5 years.

Does the company have Public Liability insurance (copy available on request) and workers compensation?

Do all team members have a OH&S card for building sites and follow OH&S protocol?

Is there a professional team of experts to ensure a good quality job in a faster time frame?

Living Colours has been operating in Australia for over 20 years with 32 years experience in the industry both here and in Europe. Has the other company been around for many years and likely to be around in the future?

Are the owners committed to the business such as family owned or owner-run? Can you contact the owner directly should you have any queries or concerns? And are then attended to in a timely manner?

Are all members of the team experienced enough to give you professional advice on both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the job?

Does the company dispose of products in a safe way and maintain a clean worksite?

Is the company well presented, courteous & likely to look after your home?

Living Colours Painting & Paperhanging holds the National Accreditation of EnviroPainter©. This means we are versed in environmentally friendly work practices, including waste management and the latest products and materials available that will minimise the impact on the environment.
We use the ‘Enviro-Wash’ system to clean our rollers & brushes, to protect our waterways and your garden.
We dispose of all our solvents in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Living Colours care promise.
We will take all care of your home and will cover all floors, furniture, fixtures and fittings not to be painted to prevent paint splatters (furniture is protected with new & clean plastic drop sheets).
We will remove all materials, waste and unforseen paint splatters well before leaving your home.
We will provide our own amenities as required and will take our rubbish away with us.

Before beginning any painting work outside your home, we will protect all garden beds and shrubs with cloth, and cover any larger plants. We understand how much a garden can mean and are committed to taking extra care while working.
Living Colours is committed to offering more than you expect. Upon completion of your redecoration we will often have your windows professionally cleaned as our complimentary gift to you.

A User Friendly Guide to Different Types of Paint.
There are so many different types of paint on the market that it’s no wonder people get confused! As a professional painting company using only premium paints (these are explained below), we have put together this guide to assist you in choosing paint whether you use us or paint yourself, and to make sure you are getting what you pay for if you decide to paint with another company.
We are most happy to give you advice for free and with no obligation – contact our Director Jan Persson direct on 0417 783 126 for our help

Paint will be labelled as to the best use:
EXTERIOR Usually includes the addition of anti-fungal and sun damage protection for outdoor use.
INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Does not include above additions. Some paints are labelled interior only and others both int/ext.

Paint will be labelled depending on the desired result:
The higher gloss a paint is, the better protection against water and steam damage, and it is more durable. However, with a higher sheen paint it is easier to spot imperfections. Therefore, flat paints are used in areas such as ceilings and well-lit areas so that any slight imperfections which may be within the surface will not be visible.
Label, Sheen & Level Uses:
FLAT 0-3% (none) Ceilings of common areas
MATT 3-7% Some walls & ceilings, outside eaves
LOW SHEEN 10-20% Ceilings & walls in wet areas (better steam protection)
SATIN OR SEMI- GLOSS 30-50% Wet areas, ceilings & walls. Woodwork
GLOSS 50-70% Woodwork
HIGH GLOSS 80-90% Only available in enamel, in acrylic gloss is the highest. Used on woodwork

Paint will be labelled depending on what it is made from:
Your paint professional is the best person to advise you on the right paint type that is best for your home, family and the environment. Living Colours is proud to have a variety of environmental policies in place, please see our Environmental Policy for more details.
ENAMEL Turpentine based, enamel paint is much smellier and will let off more fumes into the home and environment. It also has tendency to fade in colour or yellow over time.
On the plus side, enamel flows better so sometimes a slightly smoother result is achieved. Enamel paint is used mainly for woodwork as it is more durable and washable long term (i.e. you can scrub much harder without damaging it!
ACRYLIC Water based paint. More fixed in colour long term and better for the environment.
AQUANAMEL Living Colours can provide you with a product from Dulux called ‘aquanamel’, a water based paint which can be used for woodwork in place of solvent based enamel and it far better for your home, family & the environment.
LOW VOC Stands for ‘low volatile organic compound.’ During its life, all paint gives off fumes (chemicals). Low VOC paint gives off dramatically less fumes than other options. It is only available in acrylic (water based) paint and the finish between low VOC and normal acrylic paint is much the same, although it not quite as washable as the premium paint Living Colours would otherwise use (see below).

Not commonly known, paint is rated into three classifications by manufacturers:
Living Colours will only supply premium class paints. If using another company or painting yourself, ensure you are not being supplied with a lesser class of paint for the same price.
BUDGET Lesser grade quality of ingredients (chemicals) to make the paint, leading to a cheaper price. No washability.
PROFESSIONAL Used by many contractors. The key difference between this and premium paint is a reduced washability, for example you may not be able to wash spills off walls without staining or a need to repaint the entire wall.
PREMIUM The highest class of paint available, superior finish and washability. Living Colours will only use premium class paint.